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Verdura Resort

5 Stars Deluxe Resort in Sicily

This hotel is able to offer a new way to relax. Thanks to its two kilometers of private Mediterranean coastline, Verdura Resort is able to grant relax with multiple choices, starting from the breathless beaches to the three golf courses created by Kyle Phillips... Learn more about the facility.



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Simply Golf Package x 6 Golfers*

Costs per person sharing a Pool Suite (Each Villa can accomodate max 7 Pax)

INCLUSIONS Breakfast Green Fees Pricing
3-NIGHT 3 2 € 1320
5-NIGHT 5 4 € 2253
7-NIGHT 7 5 € 3106
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Costs per person sharing a Villa Suite (Each Villa can accomodate max 9 Pax)

INCLUSIONS Breakfast Green Fees Pricing
3-NIGHT 3 2 € 1437
5-NIGHT 5 4 € 2450
7-NIGHT 7 5 € 3381
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Costs per person sharing a Villa Suite Acacia (Each Villa can accomodate max 9 Pax)

INCLUSIONS Breakfast Green Fees Pricing
3-NIGHT 3 2 € 1526
5-NIGHT 5 4 € 3051
7-NIGHT 7 5 € 3814
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Other inclusions: 
  • One-way airport transfer
  • In-Suite/Villa check-in
  • Welcome bottle of Sicilian wine 
  • Unpacking and packing service
  • Pressing of up to 4 garments
  • Full in room bar
  • 5-minute FIT for you massage for 2 guests at Irene Forte SPA


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Verdura Golf Club

Verdura Golf



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golf resort 5 stars

5-star golf resort in the West of Sicily


Rooms: 250

Restaurant: Yes

Parking: Yes



Double Deluxe 


Verdura Resort is set in Sciacca, near Agrigento, in Sicily. 
The resort is equipped with 47 suites and 203 rooms, each room has complimentary Wi-Fi.
This hotel is able to offer a new way to relax. Thanks to its two kilometers of private Mediterranean coastline, Verdura Resort is able to grant relax with multiple choices, starting from the breathless beaches to the three golf courses created by Kyle Phillips. But Golf is not the only practicable sport at the resort; indeed Verdura also offers a 60-metres pool and six clay tennis courts. 
As the amazing resort it is, Verdura also offers: a world-class SPA where it is possible to have treatments and fitness lessons.
Inside the resort is possible to find 5 different restaurants, each of them is able to grant a new taste of Italian and local cuisine.

Sicily is the largest of the Italian islands, separated from the Continent by the Strait of Messina and surrounded by the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean Seas.

It is one of the pearls of Southern Italy and can be discovered, understood and experienced through a series of itineraries dedicated to areas of interest ranging from nature to history and traditions.

Nature seems to have endowed all its wonders to this land: mountainshills and above all the sea, with its incredible colors, its crystal-clear water and the beauty of its seabeds, in no way inferior to those of other seas. 

Here, the Mediterranean Sea, with its many little islands scattered around the coasts of Sicily - The Aeolians, Egadi and Pelagie Islands, Pantelleria and Ustica - offers unique and the intense sceneries, scents and flavors of uncontaminated nature. 
Last but not least, its great volcanoes are symbols of the irresistible beauty and vitality of this incredibly charming region. 

Fascination for this region grows with treasured archaeological sites that tell the story of the ancient origins of Trinacria (ancient name for Sicily). 

The provinces of the region are: 
Palermo (regional capital), AgrigentoCataniaCaltanissettaEnnaMessinaRagusaSiracusa 
and Trapani



Etna dominates the landscape and is ever-present in the inhabitants' lives here, even so far as to shape the tastes of the land. This active volcano and Catania itself - a bustling marvel of a city on Sicily's eastern coast - are closely linked.

The coastal strip that is the Province of Catania looks out over the Ionian Sea, a natural boundary for the Province. 

Catania lies cradled amidst the splendid greenery of its surroundings, yet at the same time opens out to the sea, welcoming us with its grand piazzas, wide roads, and architecture in lavic rock. The city is full of attractions, offering historic and artistic wonders for everyone. 

Remnants of history prove that the various cultures that have left their mark; the people have absorbed the influences of their many rulers, as seen in the architectonic lines of the buildings, churches and monuments. 

Nature is by turns generous and benevolent, by turns biting and harsh.
Etna is its icon. 
High, impressive and silent, a self-made mount with its peak forming a great crater of fire, it looms and waits over the scene. 

Gardens and the bright colors of orange and lemon groves and vineyards interrupt (and benefit from) the lavic grey of the dark, fertile soil. 

Chestnut trees, nuts and oaks, pine trees and beeches make up the thick woods covering the mountain mid-way to its peak, like a curtain opening out to the oasis of colors that lies beyond. 
Once at the top, what awaits is an extraordinary view that extends to the horizon as far as the eye can see. 

Cobalt and crystalline blues, and other undescribable hues are the tones of the sea of Catania's coast. 

Pebbly but pleasant beaches, small bays alternating with dark tracts of black tuff, high cliffs a sheer drop to the sea, and endless golden coastlines seem to conspire to offer an array of sensations. 

But wherever one chooses to go, the sensation evoked by the gorgeous limpid sea is one not easy to forget. 



This is a province primarily designed by man. Farmers in particular have contributed to Ragusa's character, appearance and cuisine, for years shaping the countryside through seed-sowing and cultivation of the harvest that abounds on the people's tables. The same fruits of the soil render unique the fragrances of Ragusan foods and wines.

Ragusa is a puzzle of shaped tiles perfectly-placed along the long dry walls constructed by the local people. The walls' hues of brown contrast with newly tilled fields and brilliantly-green, sprouting crops.
Its landscape traces the Iblei highlands and valleys, the unrivaled masters of the Ragusa inlands that are characterized by profound canyons, eroded over time by flowing rivers and streams. 

The landscape becomes gentler as it slopes down towards the splendid coast, with Scoglitti and Pozzalo marking out its confines. It is an alternating balance of cliffs and endless beaches of finest sand. 
The colors one can witness here are truly beyond words, painted by sunrays at play over the blue seas and golden beaches. 

Picturesque villages and charming localities welcome us to a seaside holiday, within the delightful ambience of open-air events under a star-lit sky. 

If we're lucky, gracious landlady may invite us to her home with the delicacies she has prepared, captivating us with her rich and exciting tales. 
This is the Ragusa Province that opens the most refined “living rooms” of its homes, embellished in pure Sicilian Baroque style. It is a style that speaks of the 18th-Century Restoration and reconstruction, a historical moment of great artistic highlights. 

As we stroll through the streets of RagusaModicaSicli and Ispica, observe the prestigious architecture and feel the golden warmth of the sun; blessed is the man who can enjoy this rare emotional experience.  
History was constructed well before that, however, when the Sicels established their settlements in this land, followed by the Magna Graecia and Roman epochs, and other conquerors who influenced Sicily’s art and culture. 
A marvelous southern Sicilian community, Ragusa receives its visitors with the same warmth and vitality of its inhabitants. 



The Province of Agrigento stretches out amidst ancient ruins and Baroque architecture, as well as sparkling beaches, marvelous islands, crystal-clear waters and ocean beds buzzing with life. 
It is the ideal place for those in search of culture, history and art, all in an environment of total relaxation and, of course beneath the warmth and rays of the Italian sun.

The clear sea washes up onto one of the world’s most beautiful and transparent coasts. In the distance, the turquoise water seems to melt with the blue skies, and where the gaze meets the horizon lies the dazzle of a thousand blue hues. 

Long sandy beaches alternate with deep bays, adorned by the typical Mediterranean maquis that characterizes much of Sicily. Aromas of the land combine with the scent of the sea, that floats towards the shore on the light marine breeze. 

The Islands of LampedusaLampione and Linosa, make up the Pelagiean Archipelago. These “Islands of the High Seas” are the southernmost point of the European Union. 

The hinterland is a great expanse of plains cultivated with vineyards, various grains and wheat, fruit orchards and orange groves; there, an array of greenery resides, and notable is the striking candor of almond trees, in bloom and filling the air with their delicious fragrance. 

Agrigento’s millenary history, like that of Sicily, has left precious traces that can be admired when visiting the ancient centers of both the Provincial Capital and the towns scattered over the territory. 

As in all of Southern Italy, Agrigento knows that among its riches are its typical food and local specialties. It is a land that offers tourists innumerable sights and endless panoramas. 


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