Ryder Cup 2023

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All Aboard the Ryder Cup!

By now we know, the Ryder Cup event is one of the most important for the world of golf, and one of the most exciting that sees the best golfers on the planet confront each other! And we are even more excited, because in 2023 the tournament will be held in Italy, in particular in an area that we at Golf in Italy know particularly well: Rome and Lazio. For this reason, we have prepared for you 2 examples of Golf & Accommodation packages and 2 Golf Tour templates if you are in the mood for a tour of the Belpaese! Take a look and enquire us at no charge!

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Things you need to know

When will the next Ryder Cup will take place?
The next edition of the Ryder Cup will take place in 2023, from Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October.

Where will the Ryder Cup be played?
In Rome, by the Marco Simone Golf Club. The club is located at north-east of Rome, at 21 km/13 miles from the centre of the town.

Are tickets already available?
At the moment, only the Premium Experiences tickets (the most expensive ones) are available and they are on sale in the official website of the Ryder Cup (click here). The General Admission tickets will be on sale late in 2022.

Will there be any shuttle from downtown Rome to the site of the Ryder Cup?
At the moment, there are no information on this regard.

What about reaching Marco Simone by our own mean of transport?
Parking lots are being prepared and they will be connected to the Marco Simone Golf Club by shuttles.

Ryder Cup Trivia

What is the format for the Ryder Cup?
The first two days of Ryder Cup action (Friday, Saturday) will include split sessions with separate types of golf being played. Golfers from the United States and Europe will compete in both four-ball action early in the day and foursomes later in the day. On Sunday, the golfers will complete in one-on-one singles matches. Below we break down each type of match you will see this week.

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What about the scoring?

Each match is worth one point, with matches ending in a tie worth ½ point to each side. The first team to reach 14 ½ points wins the Ryder Cup. If the matches end in a 14-14 tie, the team holding the Ryder Cup retains it
The three days of the matches consist of 28 total matches, each of which is worth one point. There are no extra holes in Ryder Cup matches. Should the two sides be tied after 18 holes, each side earns a half point.
Claiming the cup
To win the Ryder Cup outright, a team must collect 14 ½ of the 28 points available. In the case of a 14-14 tie, the winning team from the previous Ryder Cup retains the trophy.
Unlike stroke play, players don't have to complete each hole in match play. If a player concedes a stroke – almost always a putt – to his opponent, the opponent picks up his ball, takes the score he would have made on the next stroke and moves on to the next hole.

How is the selection of the players who become part of the respective teams?

The US Team will be made up from the top six in the points rankings with six captain's picks. The European Team will comprise the first four players from the European Points List, followed by the leading five players from the World Points List and completed by three wild cards.
All U.S. players will have the opportunity to earn points beginning in 2021 and concluding immediately after the second FedEx Cup Play-Off event (BMW Championship) on August 2023. The points system for this year's American team will include the top six (6) point earners securing spots and the remaining six (6) will be selected by the Captain.
The European Team will comprise the first four players from the European Points List, followed by the leading five players from the World Points List and the Captain will complete the team with three captain's picks.

What is the Ryder cup made of?

It is made out of gold, the Ryder Cup trophy stands about 17 inches tall and measures nine inches from handle to handle. It weighs four pounds, which the official Ryder Cup website says is about “the same as a large bottle of ketchup.”

Why is it called the Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is named after the English businessman Samuel Ryder who donated the trophy. Originally contested between Great Britain and the United States, the first official Ryder Cup took place in the United States in 1927 at Worcester Country Club in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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