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Golf Tour #36


Golf & Wine Tour. Something you cannot miss!

The Golf in Italy - Golf Tours are a personalized formula and have matured over the years, only possible thanks to years of personal relationships and trust with Golf Courses and Resorts.



Italy is certainly one of the countries in the world with the best production of wines, being able to count on an impressive variety of native vines (there are even more than 700), therefore with a century-old, if not millennial, history.




There are regions that are famous in the world for the quality of their wine production. Just mention two of them above all the others: Piedmont and Tuscany. But there is no region, province or area in which there is not a winery to visit, where you can taste good wine.

Our golf tours, of course, always include a wine-stop because "food and wine" are part of our tradition and if you want to understand Italy during your visit, you will soon discover that "eat and drink" is the simplest way to reach the goal!


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Our GOLF & WINE proposals are mainly based in the following regions:


The proposals includes accommodation, buffet breakfasts, green fees, wine tastings and other services (guided tours, entrance tickets, etc.)   



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Everchanging, untouched landscapes in the green of winding valleys make Umbria a region that will never fail to amaze. This region comprises mainly hills, mountains, hollows and plains and extends along the Tiber’s central basin. 
At the heart of the boot, it is the only region with no coastline. 

It includes Lake Trasimeno, central Italy’s largest lake. The area still has the remains of Etruscan settlements, particularly around Castiglione del Lago, where the loveliness of the natural landscape combines with the romanticism and stillness of the lake. 
Moving on from the two lakes, we come to the Cascate delle Marmore waterfalls near Terni, some of the most beautiful in Europe. 
The waters dive into the River Nera with a spectacular 165 m (541 ft) drop, and are surrounded by lush vegetation. This is the spot for sports lovers who enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and not only. 

Still in the province of Terni, tourists looking to get the feel of Umbria should not miss out on two little gems: one of them is linked to history and the other to the territory. Carsulae is an ancient Roman town traversed by the ancient Via Flaminia, where important public buildings have been discovered. We can still see the remains of the S. Damiano Arch, with particularly beautiful and fascinating surroundings. 
The other gem, closely linked to the area’s makeup is the Dunarobba Fossil Forest, a rare example of a forest that existed 3 million years ago, with very well-preserved tree trunks set in a lunar landscape. 

The provinces of the region are Perugia (regional capital) and Terni


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