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Repair & Adopt


The argument of today regards the greens and, at this regard we want to launch a campaign:


Save the Green

Repair & Adopt


Every time we reach the green, it is quite common to find it pricked with not fixed or not properly fixed pitch marks. Our first reaction is to curse those ill-mannered golfers who have left the green in that condition; our second reaction is to repair our own pitch.


And, it is at this point that our campaign comes into play: your third reaction should lead you to adopt a pitch marck not yours repairing it and, when doing this action, you should say this prayer:

“Oh god (or any other divinity or spiritual entity you believe or trust in), please add one shot to the score of this ill-mannered player who has not fixed this pitch mark!”


We suggest to have a look at this video (click here) that teaches the correct way to repair a pitch mark.

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